Referral Program

SIDE's Referral Program provides for students with special circumstances.

The Program is coordinated by SIDE's school psychologists, who gather information from a number of sources to assess eligibility.

To be eligible for the Referral Program there must be:

  • Evidence that the student is genuinely unable to attend a regular school or an alternative education program
  • Ongoing counselling, treatment or other appropriate intervention.

Enrolment in the Referral Program is not considered to be a long term alternative to regular schooling. Students need to be working towards reintegration back into a school or alternative program.

If a student is genuinely unable to attend a regular school or alternative education program they may apply for enrolment. Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance of enrolment.

Categories of eligibility:


  • Information required: Evidence from the student's specialist outlining the student's medical condition and how it impacts on their ability to attend school or an alternative education program. This documentation should include an assessment of the length of time it is expected that the student will be unable to attend a regular school.

Severe mental health

  • Information required: Details of the mental health condition and how it impacts on the student's capacity to engage in schooling. Contact details of the clinician (eg clinical psychologist) who is currently working with the student.
  • A return to school or alternative program plan signed off by the school and the parent/caregiver (and student if appropriate).

Other unforeseen and extraordinary circumstances


To make an enquiry about the Referral Program for a K-6 student with special circumstances, contact SIDE Primary K-6 or by phone on +61 8 9311 1447. A SIDE school psychologist will contact you to determine if the student is eligible.

SIDE’s receipt of an application for enrolment does not necessarily confirm enrolment.

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