Primary K-6

Languages for SIDE Primary Years 3-6

As part of the SIDE K-6 curriculum, all students from Years 1-6 are required to study another language. We offer the choice of French, Italian, Indonesian or Japanese. Your choice may depend on languages previously studied, where you will be residing or which language is offered by the school your child will be returning to.

Our requirements are a little different. Students need to attend 2 x 40 minute online Language lessons per week. These are delivered by language specialist teachers via Webex. Students receive a booklet of worksheets to be used during lessons and many other resources will be used online. Work outside of lessons is not generally required unless lessons are missed.

Students may be in a class with other travelling students, students from the Schools of the Air, or those studying at smaller regional Western Australian primary schools. You will be contacted by Languages staff to negotiate a time for your child’s language lessons.

We look forward to welcoming your child to our program.

SIDE is a unique K-12 online public school based in Leederville, a suburb of Perth. SIDE Primary K-6 caters for geographically isolated students unable to access a School of the Air, and for children who due to other circumstances are unable to attend a face-to-face school.

The key to SIDE Primary’s success is in the quality of the relationships that are developed between children, teachers and home tutors. Our highly professional and experienced teachers understand your child’s needs and have the ability to communicate and foster a strong relationship with them. We value and rely on your input into your child’s education. As a result, the curriculum is adapted to suit individual needs and circumstances.

This flexible approach to teaching means that every child has the opportunity to achieve their best whilst taking responsibility for their own learning. Studying by distance education through SIDE enables our students to develop the flexibility, resourcefulness and motivation required to respond to the changing needs of the 21st century.

Once eligibility has been finalised an orientation session will be organised by the class teacher.

Tundie2020V2We look forward to working with you to ensure that your child receives a quality education. Please contact the school if you have any questions on +61 8 9311 1447 or


Tundie Jones
Deputy Principal
SIDE Primary K-6

Applying to enrol at SIDE is a four stage process and the first three stages are best completed in one sitting (with the exception of the Special Circumstances category). Separate applications are required for each student.

The application can be completed on your mobile, tablet or computer. For mobiles and tablets, have the documents listed below ready to photograph and upload, or for computers, scanned and ready to upload. Your email should be open at the same time to receive the emails from SIDE with links to the next stage.

Document preparation

Scan the following documents separately and save into a folder, one folder for each student:

  • Birth certificate and/or passport
  • Approved Visa subclass for non-citizen or non-permanent resident
  • Immunisation record/letter of conscientious objection
  • School reports. Each semester report can be scanned as one document.
  • NAPLAN results. These are attempted by student in Years 3 and 5.
  • Proof of WA address for example, utility bill, current WA driver's licence.
  • Flight bookings (if applicable)/ Itinerary
  • For Special Circumstances and Elite Performance applications supporting documentation will be required. (Elite/Specialist/Ballet applications require a letter on the letterhead of the official body or ballet school).

Other documents that may be requested/required:

  • Individual Education Plans
  • OLNA results
  • Medical action plans
  • Evidence of disability

The application process

For best results, complete the process in one sitting.

  1. Stage 1 is the Eligibility Form. Please select the Enrolment Category that best suits your situation from the drop-down list at the top of the form. Applications will not progress if a category is not selected. Complete the Student Details followed by the Criteria Questions. Please read the directions carefully before answering the questions. Press Submit at the end of the form.
  2. You will receive an email containing a link to Stage 2, the Criteria Form. Selected information from the eligibility form will already be on this form. Complete the form, attaching any documents requested and submit.
  3. You will now receive another email with a link to Application Part A and B. Please enter the requested information; attaching documents where requested and once completed submit the form.
  4. A third email with the link to Stage 4, Enrolment Declaration, will be sent by SIDE staff once the information contained in Stages 1, 2 and 3 have been checked against the attachments. The enrolment declaration needs to be printed, signed, scanned (or photographed) and emailed back.

Special Circumstances applications are dealt with separately and emails with links to the different stages may take longer. Please contact SIDE Primary K-6 Enrolments or phone +61 8 9311 1447 to inquire about enrolment.

If you are unsure or have any questions regarding the application process, please contact SIDE Primary K-6 Enrolments or phone +61 8 9311 1447

Voluntary Contributions

In line with the Department of Education policy, SIDE has contributions and charges for K-6 students.

Please refer to the Contributions form to determine payments.

It would be appreciated if all contributions could be paid on enrolment.

Contributions are payable annually at the beginning of the school year or at the time of enrolment.


Payment Methods

Payment may be in the form of Cheque or Money Order, payable to the School of Isolated and Distance Education.

Credit Card, EFTPOS or Electronic Transfer facilities are available and details are included on the Charges form.

  Make Payment Online

Refunds Process

Contact the Finance Officer (Cashier) on 9311 1423.

For more information see  Refund Guidelines.


Overseas families will be responsible for charges of mail/freight sent to SIDE. Students are encouraged to return completed work via email.

Where equipment/books/kits have been borrowed from SIDE to assist with lessons, parents/students are liable for the cost of repair for any damage to equipment/books and for the full cost of equipment/books not returned.

Personal Items

These items may include:

  • textbooks
  • course specific materials, e.g. calculator, dictionary, atlas
  • stationery, e.g. paperclips, stapler, paper punch, ruler, pens, pencils, writing paper, files

SIDE has engaged Campion Education to provide personal items and resources, however these can be sourced from any supplier.

Orders to Campion can be placed online by using "ZDAG" as your code.

  Personal Items and Resource Ordering (All year groups)

Download booklist

KindergartenPre-PrimaryYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6

The student needs to demonstrate that they are participating in high level competition or performance and unable to attend a mainstream school.

Additional documents required for enrolment:

  • Evidence of involvement with competition/performance at a state/national/international level and/or
  • Evidence of support by an official organisation or state sponsored program in particular area and/or
  • Independent documentation attesting to level of achievement.

The student needs to demonstrate that they are enrolled in a full-time registered ballet/dance school and unable to attend a mainstream school. An acceptance letter from the registered school is required.

Conditions of Enrolment

For enrolment to be accepted parents/caregivers must sign their agreement to the general conditions stated in the online Enrolment Declaration (initial enrolment application). In addition parents/caregivers enrolling dance/ballet school students understand that students will complete the academic program set by SIDE for their year level.

Travelling kids studying at the beachThe student needs to be travelling for a minimum enrolment period of one school semester or 20 school weeks.


The maximum enrolment period is usually two years.
Students are not eligible to apply for SIDE if they are enrolled at another school.
Additional documents required for enrolment:
  • Travel documents (airline tickets/itinerary) and/or
  • Signed parent/care-giver work contract with place and time period of employment or
  • Evidence that may be approved by the SIDE Principal.

Within Australia  

The maximum enrolment period is usually one year.
Additional documents required for enrolment:
  • Holiday itinerary and/or
  • Parent/care-giver work contract or
  • Evidence that may be approved by the SIDE Principal

girl playing in her home propertyThe student needs to demonstrate that they are geographically isolated in WA as defined by at least one of the categories below:

  • The distance between home and the nearest appropriate government school/s is 16km or more and the distance between home and *available transport service/s to the nearest appropriate government school/s is 4.5km or more, or
  • The distance between home and the nearest appropriate government school/s is 8km or more and the distance between home and *available transport service/s to the nearest appropriate government school/s is 8km or more, or
  • The travel time between home and the nearest appropriate government school/s return journey takes 3 hours or more, or
  • There is no School of the Air that provides schooling in the student's geographic area.

*Available transport service means any regularly scheduled public transport, private carrier or school service that currently provides a pick-up point within the specified distances of the student's home or would do so if requested by the family.

Enrolment at SIDE is an online process which has four stages. The first three stages are best completed in one sitting (with the exception of the Special Circumstance category). Separate applications are required for each child.

The application can be completed on your mobile, tablet or computer.

Before completing the application read Helpful Hints and collect all the relevant documents and those required for specific categories of enrolment.

Step 1

Determine your enrolment category by reading the eligibility criteria Home Based Enrolments.

Step 2

Collect the relevant enrolment documents and either scan or prepare them ready to photograph. Read the Helpful Hints so you understand the sequence in the online application process and the preparation of documents.

Step 3

Visit our Application for Enrolment Portal. Open your email so you are ready to receive the automated emails which will progress the application.

If you need help at any stage, contact the Primary Enrolments Officer or phone +61 8 9311 1447

Read our Helpful Hints for using the Application for Enrolment Portal to apply to enrol at SIDE.

Referral Program

SIDE’s Referral Program provides for students who have special circumstances that impact on school attendance/engagement. The Program is coordinated by SIDE’s school psychologists.

SIDE’s school psychologists gather information from a number of sources to assess eligibility (the family, the student’s current school and clinician/specialist).

To be eligible for the Referral Program the student must be:

  • genuinely unable to attend a regular school or an alternative education program, and
  • receiving ongoing counselling, treatment or other appropriate intervention.

Enrolment in the Referral Program is not a long term alternative to regular schooling. Students need to be working towards reintegration back into a school or alternative program.

Categories of eligibility:
  • Chronic illness/Severe medical condition
  • Severe mental health
  • Other unforeseen and extraordinary circumstances
Enrolment information:
  • Eligible students in Years K-6, Government Schools remain enrolled in their school while accessing SIDE’s Referral Program. SIDE works in partnership with the student’s current school.
  • Eligible students in Years K-6, Non-Government schools remain enrolled in their school while accessing SIDE’s Referral Program. Schools and parents/guardians need to be aware of the charges associated with the school partnership.

To make an enquiry about the Referral Program for a K-6 student with special circumstances, please fill in an enquiry form or phone on +61 8 9311 1447. A SIDE school psychologist will contact you to determine if the student is eligible.

SIDE’s receipt of an application for enrolment does not necessarily confirm enrolment.