Hello and welcome back to SIDE for 2023!

Week 1 of this term is all about settling in, making connections with your teachers, getting comfortable with online learning, and finding your way around your Moodle course or courses.

Your teachers will be contacting you via email to introduce themselves and to tell you when your Webex lessons will be. There will be no formal classes this week.

Once your teacher has added you to their individual Moodle course, it will appear on your dashboard, and you can go in and have a look around. The best first step is to have a look at the "Getting Started" section of the course.

The SIDE Launchpad/Essentials course is an excellent first stop too. It has many good pieces of advice for you as a SIDE student.

As usual, if you're worried about anything get in contact with your Student Coordinator or, if you're at a school, with your Student Supervisor (usually a teacher or administrator at your school). Communication is key to success at SIDE and we love to hear from you.

Have a fantastic start to the term!

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