Welcome to SIDE and the 2018 school year!

New students

If you are a student commencing at SIDE in 2018, you should receive an email with the subject line Getting Started at SIDE (sender: SIDE 360). This email is sent to the email address that was supplied by you or your school at enrolment.

To access your DoE email, you will need to log into the  DoE portal.

The Getting Started at SIDE email includes your login details for Moodle. It is vital that you login to Moodle as soon as possible and update your profile. To get to Moodle, use the Logins under the E-Learning tab and select Moodle.

You will then have access to either SIDE Launchpad or SIDE Essentials to get started. Your teachers will add you to your subject courses as soon as possible.

Continuing students from 2017

If you were a home-based SIDE student in 2017 you will not receive a Getting Started at SIDE email from SIDE 360. You should log in to Moodle using your 2017 username and password.


First, read the Fast Track to SIDE. Then have have a look at Getting Help or Guides and Helpsheets under the E-Learning tab for support.

If you have not received your Getting Started at SIDE email or you have forgotten your login details for Moodle please call us on 9242 6300.

If you have forgotten or don’t know your DoE Portal/Saba login details:

  • Public school students: ask your SIDE supervisor or someone in Administration at your school for help.
  • Home-based or Non-government school students: email your SIDE Student Coordinator or call 9242 6300.