Common problems

Don’t know your login and password details for Moodle or Department of Education (DoE) email?

Contact your class teacher.

New students receive a Getting Started Email with these details. Contact your Student Coordinator to be resent the email.

Can’t remember your password?

Reset your password.

Can’t find Moodle or DoE email pages?

Select the Quicklinks tab from the top menu bar, then bookmark the Moodle and DoE email sites.

In Moodle but can’t view a list of classes?

New students need to set up a Moodle profile before teachers can allocate you to classes. Do this immediately.

Poor internet connection

Test your Internet connection at Moodle is (generally) tolerant of slow connections, although pages might take a while to load, especially if they contain video or audio.

You may be asked by SIDE IT support to use a small program called Teamviewer. Click on the following link to download.

Nothing seems to work

Problems logging into DoE email or Moodle? Try reset your password.  Otherwise, contact your teacher for help.