General Helpsheets

Installing Office


  • Navigate to
  • Enter your email address and press TAB or Enter
  • You will be re-directed to the Department of Education (DoE) Portal to log in
    Use your DoE user name and password
  • You will be re-directed back to the Microsoft Office 365 site and you will see a screen with a button that says "Install Office". Click it and follow the instructions

You will have to download the applications to install them so be aware of your internet connection.

Note your Department of Education username is usually in the format: firstname.lastname

Four image editors compared

So you want to resize an image?

Managing SIDE email

SIDE emails may come from teachers, students or forum notifications. There are several ways in which you can manage the emails you receive from SIDE.

Forwarding student email

Your student email is extensive and powerful, but just occasionally you need to read it in from another email account. If you want your email to be forwarded to another account, it’s a matter of setting up a fowarding rule. Here’s how.

Japanese input on Mac OS X

Macs deal with Japanese character display seamlessly. Japanese input is not always enabled by default - here's how to change that.

Creating and managing PDFs

Many courses at SIDE require work to be submitted in Adobe Portable Document Format – PDF for short. As the name suggests, PDF files display identically, no matter the computer or operating system on which they are displayed. They even work on many mobile devices. There are many programs which can convert documents to PDF, and even some easy online tools.

Merging and converting multiple files to PDF

If your work is in many files and needs to be combined as one single PDF for submission. Here is help!

Create Word documents from OpenOffice or LibreOffice

OpenOffice and LibreOffice are free, open source office suties that offer an excellent alternative to Microsoft Word. They will open documents produced in Word, and can save in Word ".doc" and ".docx" formats as well. Here's how:


Create Word documents from Pages

Many users of Apple Macs use the Pages word processor. That’s a good choice to work with, but it is essential that what is produced can be opened by SIDE teachers. Thankfully, it’s very easy to make this happen.

Resizing Images

Resizing your images before emailing or inserting them into a document is vital.