Getting help with your e-learning is sometimes necessary. Thankfully, most problems can be solved with a patient, careful approach. So where do you start? Well, here's the order of troubleshooting you should follow:

  1. Read any instructions again. This solves most problems!
  2. Read the online help. Many applications have a Help menu item. It's a good place to solve a problem.
  3. Google is your friend.
  4. Ask your mum. Or a friend or class member. Don't keep it to yourself - someone has probably already solved it.
  5. Check the Guides and Helpsheets on this site.
  6. Contact your teacher.

You may be asked by SIDE IT support to use a small program called Teamviewer. Click on the following link to download.

Test your internet connection

Many problems are a result of problems with your internet connection. Checking the speed of your connection will give a good indication of how well online applications will work.

For Saba Classroom, speeds of less than 1Mbps may mean you'll have problems maintaining your connection in a lesson. The ideal connection speed is 5Mbps or greater.

Moodle is (generally) more tolerant of slower connections, although pages might take a while to load, especially if they contain video or audio.

Check your internet speed at

Saba Classroom system check

On the top-right corner of your My Schedule page in Saba Classroom, you'll see a system check link. It will help diagnose some Saba Classroom problems.

Still have a question? Contact your teacher.