Year Level: Year 10, 11 and 12
Codes: ASDAN - TI
SCSA Syllabus link:


Recommended Background: No prerequisite
Course Content Description:

Development of life skills which will assist students in their preparation for life beyond schooling. There are a number of different ASDAN programs, each with a different focus. The choice of program is made after discussion between the teacher and the student.

  • PASD08 Horticulture (students with access to garden equipment/shed)
  • PASD09 Independent Living
  • PASD15 Personal Safety
  • PASD22 Recognising and Using Everyday Signs
  • PASD30 Work Awareness (Yr10 student who is not work-ready leads to Workright in Yr11)
  • PASD36 Using ICT
  • PASD45 Photography/ Multimedia
  • PASD50 Using Leisure Time
  • PASD55 Meal Preparation and Cooking Introduction
  • PASD63 Using Computer Technology
  • PASD80 World of Work-Catering Assistant
  • PASD83 Work of Work-Office Assistant
  • PASD84 World of Work-Retail
  • PASD85 World of Work-Salon Assistant


  • commit at least 55 hours to activities associated with the development of relevant skills
  • develop personal qualities such as commitment and discipline
  • produce logs/checklists
  • collect evidence/photos/work samples
  • submit a portfolio which includes evidence of knowledge and understanding, abilities, skills and/or techniques and participation and engagement. 
Mode of Delivery: In Moodle and live, online lessons.
Textbooks / Stationery: Refer to the Booklist - Personal Items and Resource List
Certificate Completion: Preparatory Award Program: 1-unit equivalence. Maximum of 3 programs.
General Pathway: Entry into training or the workforce