Year Level: Year 10, 11 and 12
Codes: ADWPL
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ADWPL Workplace Learning

Recommended Background: Gaining work exposure to an industry of interest
Course Content Description:

Workplace Learning is an Authority-developed endorsed program that is managed by individual schools and open to students in Years 10, 11 and 12.

To complete this endorsed program, a student works in one or more real workplace/s to develop workplace skills. The student records the number of hours undertaken in the workplace in the SIDE’s Workplace Learning Logbook.

The student also provides evidence of his/her knowledge and understanding of the workplace skills by completing SIDE’s Workplace Learning Skills Journal after each 55 hours completed in the workplace.

Unit equivalence is allocated on the basis of 1 unit equivalent for each 55 hours completed in the workplace, to a maximum of 4 units. The total number of hours completed in the workplace is reported on the student’s WASSA.

Mode of Delivery: Online in Moodle, Webex and on-site visits.
Textbooks / Stationery: N/A
Certificate Completion: Contributes to WACE achievement
General Pathway: Entry into training or the workforce