Year Level: Year 12
Codes: ATECO
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Economics Y12 ATAR

Recommended Background: C grade or higher in Year 11 ATAR Economics
Course Content Description:


This unit explores Australia’s linkages with global linkages with other economies:

  • The concepts of global interdependence, trade and specialisation
  • Balance of payments, terms of trade and exchange rates
  • Foreign investment and debt


This unit explores Australia’s economic objectives, policies and actions:

  • The business cycle and economic indicators
  • The aggregate expenditure model and its components, marginal propensity to consume and save and the multiplier effect
  • Aggregate demand and Aggregate Supply
  • Economic policy objectives – fiscal and monetary.
Mode of Delivery: In Moodle and live, online lessons.
Textbooks / Stationery: Refer to the Booklist - Personal Items and Resource List
External Examination: External examination compulsory in Term 4 Year 12
ATAR Pathway: Entry into University