Year Level: Year 12
Codes: GTMAE
SCSA Syllabus link:

Mathematics Essential Y12 General

Recommended Background: OLNA numeracy standard met
Course Content Description:


In this unit, students

  • extend area and perimeter formulae to include more shapes
  • solve problems using scale measurement such as with plans and models
  • collect data, draw and interpret graphs

Applications include construction, design and medicine.


In this unit, students

  • calculate probabilities
  • calculate distances and study time zones between places on Earth
  • use percentages to compare loans and compound interest.

Applications include finance and travel.

Mode of Delivery: In Moodle and live, online lessons.
Textbooks / Stationery: Refer to the Booklist - Personal Items and Resource List
External Examination: Externally Set Task (EST) compulsory in Term 2 Year 12
General Pathway: Entry into training or the workforce