Year Level: Year 12
Codes: GTHEA
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Health Studies Year 12 General

Recommended Background: OLNA literacy standard met
Course Content Description:


In this unit, students will

  • develop their knowledge on the determinants of health
  • examine health literacy and factors that influence the use of health products and services
  • develop their knowledge of the action areas of the Ottawa Charter and strategies to reduce health inequities
  • use health inquiry skills to complete research on health issues
  • investigate steps in the stages of change model and motivations and skills required for behaviour change.


In this unit, students

  • develop their knowledge of impact on personal and community health status of the determinants of health
  • use health inquiry skills to refine investigative skills on health issues
  • examine preventative strategies to maintain, avoid and manage risk for personal and community health
  • investigate the relationship between participation and empowerment in communities
  • look at ethical issues arising from contemporary health practices
Mode of Delivery: In Moodle and live, online lessons.
Textbooks / Stationery: Refer to the Booklist - Personal Items and Resource List
External Examination: Externally Set Task (EST) compulsory in Term 2 Year 12
General Pathway: Entry into training or the workforce