The Japanese Second Language WACE course is for second language learners and is not aimed at background speakers.

 All students wishing to study a WACE language course are required to obtain permission to enrol in that course in the year prior to the first enrolment. Applications for permission to enrol in 2020 are due to SCSA by 30 August 2019. It is the responsibility of the base school to complete the SCSA application process before submitting a language enrolment to SIDE. Further guidance and advice related to enrolments in a language course can be found on the Authority website at

SIDE also offers the Certificate II in Applied Language: Japanese. Permission from SCSA is not required to enrol in a VET language course. Please see the VET certificates section for more information. This Certificate cannot be used for WACE completion requirements. If completed it can be used for unit equivalence.

Schools enrolling students in Japanese must ensure East Asian Fonts are accessible by student users. This is not the default on the Department of Education standard operating environment. The process for enabling it is not difficult but may require action from school technical support. An outline of the process is available on the SIDE website.