SIDE is a Lead Language School and is a Teacher Development School: Languages.

Department of Education fees for SIDE Primary Language classes has been updated. Please view the memo on Ed-e-Mail.

Schools wishing to enrol with the SIDE Primary Languages Program for 2020 contact Kim Daymond, HOLA Languages, on 9311 1413.

DSC 0004Implementation of the Western Australian Curriculum: Languages is mandatory for Year 3 and 4 students in 2019. Further information is available from:

  Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority

  Department of Education

The SIDE Primary Languages Program delivers French, Indonesian, Italian and Japanese lessons to regional and remote primary schools unable to access a face-to-face languages teacher.

Why learn a language through SIDE?

Learning a language through SIDE is fun, technologically exciting and challenging. SIDE Language teachers are highly trained and experienced. They deliver online lessons to students in regional, rural and remote schools from the SIDE campus in Leederville.

How is the SIDE Languages program delivered?

Languages classes are delivered to the students during the normal school timetable by a variety of technologies determined by the needs of the school. Standard lesson delivery is online via web conferencing. Other platforms may be available. The SIDE Language teachers work closely with the base school teachers to ensure that the learning program is engaging and relevant.

Programs are available for students Pre-primary to Year 6. Maximum class size is 12 students. Timetabling of concurrent classes may be possible but may depend upon staffing, internet speed and the number of available computers.

The program is delivered in two 40 minute lessons each week. This provides optimal learning opportunities for the students and minimises the effect of breaks in the program due to school events or technical issues. This time allocation is not negotiable.

Once participation in the program is confirmed, schools must commit to the program for the whole of the 2019 school year.

What are the requirements of the base school?

Students must be actively supervised during lesson delivery. This is a school responsibility and is a condition of participation in the Language program.

Technical requirements
  • An internet connected Windows PC (version 10) or Apple Mac (OS version 10.13 or above).
  • Reliable internet connection (recommended minimum speed 10 mbps).
  • A USB microphone headset for each computer.
  • An up-to-date web browser.