psychologyWhy study Psychology?

Ever wondered why at an Eagles and Dockers game everyone can be watching the same play, yet the Eagles fans scream “holding the ball” and the Dockers fans scream “high tackle”?

Ever wondered why when someone asks you to think about your most embarrassing memory, you can instantly remember it and feel like you are back in that moment again? If our memory can be that good, why then when someone tells you to remember to put the rubbish bin out, do you always seem to forget?

The colour of this dress in these images has polarised people on social media. Some people see all three versions of the dress as gold and white, some see all three as blue and black and some people can see the left, middle and right versions differently. What do you see? Why do we see different colours in the same images?


These are just some of the everyday issues we address in Psychology. The study of psychology is all about why we are the way we are. We study issues relating to ourselves, like personality, intelligence and how the brain works. We also study issues relating to others and the group including stereotypes, relationships with peers and family and how we communicate with one another.

In Psychology we also look at how investigations and research are conducted in the psychological field. We examine some famous investigations done in the past and the impact they have on the understanding of ourselves.

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