WorkplaceLearning0Workplace Learning popular across all of SIDE’s communities

In 2018 SIDE enrolled over 100 students across the state in this popular on-the-job program which contributes to WACE.

Student reflections

"I believe all students would benefit from this program!"

"Helped me to gain confidence in entering new workplaces."

"It allows student to work in a 'training' and protected environment where they can feel comfortable to ask questions and make mistakes."

"Help you find what you might want to do in the future."

"It helped me to be more confident, organised and motivated."

"I learnt so much, developed loads of new skills and brightened my future career prospects."

The program is flexible:

  • takes place on-the-job in a chosen industry workplace.
  • includes voluntary work, paid work and school organised placements.
  • students access the workplace on a selected day during the week, or during week(s) of the year
  • some students also undertake a school-based apprenticeship/traineeship.
  • valuable option for all students as a key aspect in improving employment prospects.