Four SIDE Year 12 students attended the Halogen National Young Leaders Day (NYLD) on Tuesday 18 May at the Perth Convention Centre. They were accompanied by Student Coordinator Stacey Mylonas.

Students listened to four speakers who provided their perspectives on leadership through their personal stories. NYLD speakers are drawn from all sectors of society including the arts, community service, sport and media. As has been the case in past years, students reported that they were inspired by what they heard:

My experience at the National Young Leaders Day was, overall, a very inspirational one. Out of the selection of insightful speakers, I most enjoyed listening to Assistant Police Commissioner, Paul Steel. The main lesson of his speech was that ‘every contact leaves a trace’, meaning all actions have consequences. He emphasised that you should never underestimate the effect that your actions and words can have on other people, and I think that this is a great piece of advice, especially in leadership. A piece of valuable information that I gained from the day was from speaker Josh Pyke, that ‘falling short of goals does not equal failure’ and I can definitely apply this within my own life. Throughout the day, I gained many valuable pieces of information and life lessons, all of which I hope to enforce within myself to become a leader.
I enjoyed listening to the Assistant Police Commissioner, Paul Steel. I have always dreamed of working in law and criminology and so found his story the most inspiring. I learnt the importance of leaders in the world, what a good leader is and how to be a leader. Advice that resonated with me is ‘every contact leaves a trace’ and it is never too late to change your mind, it will lead you to what makes you happy.