While searching for internships in the health professions in 2020, Enya Parker found Scitech’s Future Health Professionals program.

Her application was successful, and in January she joined 29 other students for a five-day series of talks and practical workshops across a range of medical fields at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital in Nedlands.

The Future Health Professionals program was an amazing experience that provided a comprehensive insight into various medical fields such as paramedicine, dentistry, surgery, nursing, humanitarian aid, and also ICU care.

I met with a great number of inspirational figures such as Dr Fiona Woods [plastic surgeon], Kathryn Penno [audiologist], and Eric Beason [critical care paramedic], who were among countless other professionals who volunteered their time to us.

The week provided me with a vast range of practical experiences like suturing, intravenous and intramuscular injections, sonography, obtaining vitals, as well as the application of first response aid. The program enabled me to meet with 29 other like-minded students, who like me, shared a great interest in the medical field. I was able to leave knowing that I had formed new friendships that I'm sure will follow me along my path of obtaining a career in medicine.

I can't recommend this program enough for year 11 and 12 aspiring medical students and believe that the insight and exposure I received was well worth the cost.

Check out Enya’s photos for an insight into her experiences.

Surgical Scrub 4
Clinical Sim

More information about the program is available on the Scitech website.

Note: The program is open to students entering Year 11 and 12. Students must provide their own accommodation and return travel expenses. There is also a cost for the program if you are selected.

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