Perth-based Year 6 SIDE students celebrated the end of their primary schooling at a lunch on 9 December. Teachers Brad Woodbrook and Janine Denner joined their students at a Perth venue for a buffet lunch.

Millie Cottey
Year6 Grad Insta

During lunch students received their Certificates, Leavers’ booklets and Achievement Awards.

While some students were able to celebrate in person in Perth, others celebrated through their contributions to the Leavers’ booklet in which they reflected on their experiences at SIDE. Although this has been a difficult year for many students, especially those travelling within Australia and overseas, they all expressed positive thoughts about their time with SIDE.

Some Year 6s have extraordinary experiences:

A favourite memory of my time with SIDE Primary was sitting in some pretty awesome places while doing my school work, such as the Daintree Rainforest and the Canadian Rocky Mountains!


Others write about their lessons and the fun things they did at school.

A favourite memory was during my first Webex session where I ‘met’ with my classmates online and we all took turns to draw our favourite animal on the screen and made up a story about it.


Making a chocolate cake at home with my mum for school work. I also love the feeling of finishing and returning each set.


Others reflected on what SIDE has enabled them to do.

A favourite memory of my time with SIDE Primary was the opportunity to make more memories with my grandma and my family. It is why I am grateful for being in the SIDE program.


I love SIDE because it is online, flexible and has a lot of friendly teachers. I love Australia and SIDE helps me to keep in touch with the culture and people.


We wish all our Year 6 Leavers well in their transition to high school and success in their secondary schooling.

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