The Perth and Peel restrictions will end as planned at 12.01am, Sunday 14 February.

We are back to the pre-lockdown conditions, as experienced prior to 6pm on Sunday 31 January.

Western Australian Government Schooling Announcements

14 February 2021 | masks will no longer be required to be worn either inside or outside, there will be no travel restrictions in WA, except for remote Aboriginal communities and mandatory contact registration will continue, as was planned prior to the lockdown.

Read more about this on the WA Department of Education website

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

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SIDE staff are available to provide support to you and your family.

Primary (K-6)

Tundie Jones, Deputy Principal, T: 9311 1447
Your child’s teacher.

Secondary (7-12)

Shane Yardley, Deputy Principal, Students, T: 9311 1402
Vicki Masters, Student Services Coordinator, T: 9311 1400
Your child’s teacher or Student Coordinator.

Coronavirus image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay