Kelly Canby visited SIDE last week presenting two Webex sessions to SIDE Primary classes.

Authors Online is a SIDE Library Resource Centre program which allows SIDE students to work with published authors and illustrators. Kelly’s visit was planned in consultation with the SIDE Early and Middle Childhood teachers.

As an author and illustrator, Kelly has published three picture books: All the Lost Things, The Hole Story and Rodney, with a fourth to be released in early 2020. She has also illustrated the books of other national and international authors.

During the Webex sessions, Kelly discussed where her ideas came from and how she uses them to develop the text and illustrations. During the session, she drew with the students her rabbit from The Hole Story and her character Phil Pickle. The children used their own webcams to show Kelly and other children their own illustrations.

Her sessions have received lots of positive comments from students, parents and staff. Visit the Resource Centre home page to search for Kelly’s books or the Resource Centre blog to find out more about the visit.

If you are interested in learning more about Kelly check out her website.

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