Year 7 Geography students have been completing experiments to understand how rainwater filters though the soil and becomes groundwater. This water is stored in an aquifer, a layer of geological material like sand, pumice, limestone or fractured rock.

Students accessed their course materials through Moodle, SIDE’s learning management system. The Moodle book, Water, included a practical activity in which students created a simple aquifer. No matter where students lived they were able to participate in the activity. Travelling Year 7 student, Rylee, sent a video to her teacher showing her experiment. HaSS teachers were lucky to visit Shark Bay when the Year 7 students completed their experiments.

HaSS teacher Felicia Harris commented,

Building the aquifer gives students a practical understanding of the water cycle. The Shark Bay students were engaged and collaborated very well with each other, I was really impressed with the way they all participated and helped each other during the activity. They are a wonderful group of kids and I really enjoyed my time with them.