We love telling people about the exciting things happening at SIDE.

The Mathematics Learning Area at SIDE strives to activate and encourage opportunities for all our students to become creative problem solvers.

It's "open season" for the 2022 Mathematics Competitions around the globe! Australia kicked off on 19 March with Kangorou sans Frontière (KSF), a French Mathematics competition linked in Australia to the Australian Mathematics Competition. SIDE students from Years 7-12 were invited to be part of this event and over 40 SIDE students accepted the challenge.

KSF has become one of the largest international Mathematics competitions with about 6 million creative problem solvers from around the world participating.

SIDE students achieved notable results. Oliver Tinley, a Year 11 at Narrogin Senior High School had an excellent result, achieving a Distinction Award that places him in the top 20% of all the Year 11 and 12 participants.

SIDE Student from Exmouth District High School – Achieved the 2021 Subject Exhibition in Health Studies.

Lilly Watts, a SIDE graduate from Exmouth District High School, has received the 2021 Subject Exhibition in Health Studies. Subject Exhibitions are awarded to students who obtain the highest examination mark in each Year 12 ATAR course.

In this course students explored Population or Public Health. Public Health explores the impact of social and environmental factors on health, and understanding health within and between population groups. Students investigated local, regional and global challenges to health, as well as looking at strategies used to promote and protect society’s health.

Lilly was a SIDE student for two years, she completed three of her ATAR subjects at SIDE. Lilly the found Health Studies very interesting and enjoyed learning about health within different population groups. Lilly’s teacher, Bronwyn Carter, described her as hardworking, dedicated and tenacious. She always asked questions and was very determined to improve and exceed expectations.

In 2022, Lilly has chosen to take a gap year to travel around WA. She plans on attending university in 2023 to pursue a career in Health Sciences.

When long-standing SIDE Science teacher Gerry Nolan retired in July, he delivered a cardboard box to the SIDE Library. He thought the contents might be of interest for the school archives.