Artist statement

I chose watercolour due to its light, delicate almost dreamy aesthetic. The pieces are a reflection of how we cope in a time of crisis and the reasons why I did the 4 pieces are as follows: The first piece, depicts my mother riding her Italian moped. She is a fearless individual, who taught me to be bold. The 2nd piece was inspired by my sister, who'd grab leaves from a nearby tree and throw them at me and my sisters. The leaves would just end up flittering with the wind like confetti. The 3rd piece depicts a tradition among my family. When I was small, and my family was folding laundry, my sister would end up with my mother's brassier tied around her head. she'd make faces and run around the house like a superhero. When we're reminiscing, we re-enact this occasionally. The 4th piece is about origami which is a hobby of mine, and it helps me to feel at peace when alone.

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