Artist statement

This self-portrait was created to reflect the way pressure and expectations affect my mental and emotional states. Braiding has connotations of love as an act of service, this painting aims to subvert this, the hair pulled tightly causes tension and pain. I wanted to explore the way benevolent intentions can still have damaging consequences. The different directions the hair is being pulled reflect uncertainty and confusion, due to contrasting expectations, choices and pressures. The tightly knitted sweater has started unravelling, mirroring the mental deterioration.

Artist statement

Grey Scale Perspective reflects on the relationship between a loving parent and their child. In the parent’s mind their children will always be their children, leading them to be loving and protective. This is reflected through the black and white figures, with the father spoon-feeding their child. The love one feels from a parent is often unconditional, which can lead to anxious questioning of whether that love is deserving or not. The veil of anxiety and worry is represented through the overwhelming scene and unfinished areas of canvas, showing the incomplete and immersive state of anxiety felt by the child.

Artist statement

This is an achromatic close up portrait of an old man. Chiaroscuro effect has been portrayed within the right side of the image, creating a strong focal point of the eyes which are central to the image, showing a concerned expression. This piece is a representation of the powerful emotions which were felt during the painful and distressing pandemic and the effects it has had on the older people. The intended goals for my finished piece was to get the viewers to feel an emotion of empathy from the man’s face, influenced by the artist Kathe Kollwitz who used black contouring lines to create compassion and sorrow, similar to the emotions which are trying to be portrayed in my art. I wanted to express the fragility of life.


My artwork ‘Bloom’ depicts a cluster of roses developing through their life cycle. The new bud is sweetly coloured and ready to unfold. The rose is bright in full bloom, while the wilting flowers gain shadow. The spent rose hip bears the stamens that ensured its reproduction. I wanted to show nature’s story of birth, life and death juxtaposed in a beautiful way.


‘Flourish’ portrays a singular rose thriving in its own glory. The flower is bright, beautiful and healthy. This rose represents me. While studying through SIDE Distance Education, I have become very self-reliant, and have learnt that I can achieve great things on my own. This painting reflects me in my present stage in life.

Artist statement

I chose watercolour due to its light, delicate almost dreamy aesthetic. The pieces are a reflection of how we cope in a time of crisis and the reasons why I did the 4 pieces are as follows: The first piece, depicts my mother riding her Italian moped. She is a fearless individual, who taught me to be bold. The 2nd piece was inspired by my sister, who'd grab leaves from a nearby tree and throw them at me and my sisters. The leaves would just end up flittering with the wind like confetti. The 3rd piece depicts a tradition among my family. When I was small, and my family was folding laundry, my sister would end up with my mother's brassier tied around her head. she'd make faces and run around the house like a superhero. When we're reminiscing, we re-enact this occasionally. The 4th piece is about origami which is a hobby of mine, and it helps me to feel at peace when alone.

Artist statement

My goal was to insert platitudinous stereotypes at the heart of all my pieces. After being influenced by Roy Lichtenstein, my experiences as a teenager and the lore behind the seven deadly sins, I decided to produce multiple-themed artworks all coming from one idea; the common, and usually negative, stereotypes of teenagers. Creating these artworks certainly hit me on an emotional scale, both positively and negatively. The works are a way of expressing my thoughts about how society sees the teenage population and my community. These stereotypes usually have hidden social complications embedded within them. It's clear not many people understand what is taking place in a teenager's life.

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