The role of a home based SIDE Supervisor

All students require support and guidance. Home based SIDE Supervisors play a vital role in enabling students to achive to the best of their abilities.

At the start of the year, home based supervisors:
  • Contact the relevant Student Coordinator to discuss any enrolment concerns
  • Explore the SIDE website
  • Support your child to understand SIDE's assessment and attendance policies
  • Assist your child Logging in to SIDE's e-learning applications, troubleshoot minor technical problems and refer to our website Getting Help page
  • Familiarise yourself with the ICT resources required for SIDE lessons - see Fast Track To SIDE
  • Ensure your child has purchased the required Personal Items and Resources
  • Assist with organising a work/study area
  • Assist students to ensure contact has been made with all subject/course teachers and Saba times are known
  • Assist students to organise daily/weekly timetable and materials etc
  • Assist students to manage their course/subject calendars

SIDE teachers and specialist staff will guide students/supervisors in connecting to and using the online technologies.

Throughout the year, home based supervisors:
  • Support students to attend Saba lessons, effectively utilise Moodle classrooms and contact SIDE teachers regularly via phone and email
  • Monitor and assist student submission of work according to course work schedules or Work Completion Calendars (available in Moodle courses)
  • Foster independent learning skills
  • Monitor student progress
  • Organise a suitable SIDE examinations supervisor
  • Organise student visits to SIDE as appropriate
  • Inform your Student Coordinator of any planned or unplanned events and approximate dates that may affect student learning
  • Inform your Student Coordinator of any changes to home contact details
  • Discuss with your Student Coordinator issues that impact on student performance, or any changes to a student's program or home circumstances
At the end of the year, home based supervisors:
  • Complete and submit enrolment forms no later than 10 working days before the end of the school year if the student is continuing with SIDE
  • Purchase the required Personal Items and Resources
  • Return all kit, library resources and unused learning materials to SIDE