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Contributions and Charges

Home Based

In line with Department of Education policy, SIDE has contributions, charges and fees.


School Based

High School and Senior High School Enrolments

Schools will be invoiced for the learning area and course costs for each student who is enrolled.

Since 2010, senior high schools, high schools and agricultural colleges with Year 11 and 12 students enrolled in subjects through SIDE have contributed funds to access those courses. Based on the assumption that the full load for a Year 11 and 12 student is, on average five (5) year long courses, each course being studied through SIDE has been determined as 0.2 FTE of a student load.

School enrolments will be cross referenced with SIDE data in March of each year.  The school contribution will be based on 0.2 FTEof a student load per subject enrolled at SIDE.  Adjustments for these amounts will be made to one line budgets.

District High Schools, Remote Community Schools and Primary Schools

District High Schools and Remote Community Schools will be invoiced for the learning area and course costs for each student who is enrolled. Parents of students based in Primary Schools will receive an account.

Learning Area and Course Costs

The public school sector costs are:

Non Government Schools

All non government school student registrations through SIDE are to be charged at the full recovery rate.

These rates per student are:

  • Years 7-10 is $750 per term per Learning Area for Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences; and $750 per semester per subject for all other Learning Areas.
  • Senior Secondary course (or equivalent) is $3,150 per year.
Primary Languages

The cost for schools enrolling students in 2018 is $5 per language, per student.


Payment Methods

Payment may be in the form of Cheque or Money Order, payable to the School of Isolated and Distance Education.

Credit Card, EFTPOS or Electronic Transfer facilities are available and details are included on the Charges form.

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