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Year 12 Leaver's photo and media consent form

Every year SIDE celebrates the achievements of our Year 12 students.

This year their achievements will be celebrated in two ways:

  • The Year 12 Leavers and Award Winners Event in Leederville
  • Year 12 Leaver’s Package

For Year 12 Leavers to be acknowledged in these celebrations, SIDE requires parental consent for their child’s name and photo to be used.

Please complete the following and submit it ASAP.
Without written consent, your child’s details will be excluded from the Year 12 Leavers’ publications.

Fields marked with are required
samples5. Submit a photo

Remember: the audience for the award presentation event is your family, teachers, and peers. So, when taking a photo, think school appropriate rather than Instagram. Some tips for a perfect photo:

    - Head and shoulders
    - Clear, focused image without any filter
    - Clean solid colour background
    - Face looking directly at the camera
    - Eyes open with a neutral happy expression
If you are unsure check in with your student coordinator.

Maximum upload size: 500.00 kB
Maximum upload size: 500.00 kB