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The Principal and staff acknowledge and congratulate all Year 7 award winners.

Excellence Award

Awarded to Ava Boekhoorn and Ella Ricetti, the highest overall achieving students across several subjects.

Student Services Awards


Awarded to the following home-based students who have studied in challenging circumstances and achieved commendable results.

Kyla Payne Sylvan Stewart Harrison Woodcock

Awarded to Ella Ricetti, a full-time SIDE student from a partner school who has studied in challenging circumstances and achieved commendable result.

Subject Awards

English English Ava Boekhoorn
Amelia Marson
HPE Health Education Ella Ricetti
HASS Humanities & Social Sciences Ava Boekhoorn
Languages French Eva Henderson-Mott
Italian Rory Ferns
Japanese NFP
Mathematics Mathematics Ella Ricetti
Science Science Ella Ricetti
Technologies Design & Technology Sienna Rowcliffe
Digital Technology Thomas Bartle
Home Economics Rylan Armstrong
The Arts Media Arts Ella Ricetti
Visual Arts Chloe Townsend

*NFP = Not for Publication