The Principal and staff acknowledge and congratulate all Year 11 award winners.

Excellence Award

Awarded to Amber Howitt who is the overall highest achieving student in an ATAR program. Her level of excellence is reflected in her attitude, attendance and performance at SIDE.

Student Services Awards


Awarded to the following home-based students who have studied in difficult circumstances and achieved commendable results.

Rhys Allan Tasmin Bayley Tessa Bergmann
Alanah Boxall Dominique Caro Kimberley Grey
Senay Gulkesen Macee Ridley Sarah Summerfield
Tabitha Wachter

Awarded to the following full-time SIDE students from partner schools who have studied in difficult circumstances and achieved commendable results.

Whitney King Analise O'Brien
Karlee Porter Tricia Reyes

Endeavour Award

Awarded to Aaron Cruikshank and Velisha Green who have performed to the best of their ability. They are recognised for their persistence and positive attitude in overcoming difficulties.

ATAR Course Awards

Business Studies Accounting and Finance Divya (Anjali) Bhujun
English EAL/D Jayden Lew
English Amber Howitt
Literature Tui Dougiamas
HPE Health Studies Amber Renfree
HASS Economics Zadia Christensen
Geography Amber Howitt
Modern History Sarah Stone
Politics and Law Tui Dougiamas
Languages French: Second Language Liam Harris
Italian: Second Language Mattea Lefroy
Japanese: Second Language Yutong (Zoey) Zhu
Mathematics Mathematics: Applications Tabitha Wachter
Mathematics: Methods Sienna Manvill
Mathematics: Specialist Amy Warner
Science Biology Amber Howitt
Chemistry Bethany Moore
Human Biology Sophie Sambell
Physics Sophie Sambell
Technologies Applied Information Technologies Jordan Neill
Computer Science Matthew Crutcher
The Arts Media Production and Analysis Tui Dougiamas
Visual Arts Nikki Singh

General Course Awards

Business Studies Business Management and Enterprise Tara Drummond
Career Education Career and Enterprise Whitney King
English English Lilly Magditsch
HPE Health Studies Sophie Ross
HASS Geography Taylah Robson
Modern History Raquel Reyes
Mathematics Mathematics: Essential Mitchell Ewen
Science Human Biology Lilly Magditsch
Integrated Science Mitchell Ewen
Jacqueline (Jackie) Miller
Technologies Applied Information Technologies Kawarau Paurini
Automotive Engineering and Technologies Mark (Jeremy) Aranda
Children, Family and Community Lilly Magditsch
Design: Photography Michaela McCutcheon
Design: Technical Graphics Anais Hudson
The Arts Visual Arts Jacqueline (Jackie) Miller

Foundation Course Awards

English English Mark (Jeremy) Aranda
Mathematics Mathematics Verna Baksh

Certificates/Endorsed Programs

Business Studies Cert II Business Whitney King
Career Education ASDAN Workright Aaron Cruichshank
Authority Developed Workplace Learning Karlee Porter
School Based Traineeship Gemma Crnobrnj
Learning Support ASDAN - Towards Independence:
 - Meal Prep and Cooking
 - Using ICT
Velisha Green
Science Powering Careers in Energy - Chevron Tara Drummond
Student Services Community Arts Performance Jesse Parkinson
Community Service Sophie Ross
Off-Campus Enrichment Program Rhys Allen
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