Congratulations to all Year 11 students listed below who have achieved excellence in a range of special categories.

The Principal’s Awards

are presented to students who consistently demonstrate the SIDE values of Learning, Excellence, Equity and Care. These students have been selected as demonstrating the strongest commitment to learning and excellence at SIDE.

Holly King

The only SIDE student at her school, Holly has displayed all the qualities of a successful online learner – excellent time management skills and an outstanding commitment to learning. A mature and dedicated student, Holly sets herself very high standards which she successfully achieves.

Jade Plowman

Jade is an exemplary SIDE student whose achievements have been exceptional in all her Year 11 courses in 2015. She has achieved her success through excellent communication with her teachers as well as a thorough application to the quality and presentation of her work. Jade is to be congratulated on her diligence and enthusiasm in her studies and is most deserving of this award.

Excellence Awards

are presented to students who have performed at the highest level across several subjects in their schooling. Their level of excellence is reflected in their attitude, attendance and performance at SIDE.

Rita Fernandes

Rita has excelled as an online learner this year. Following her passion in music, Rita relocated overseas to study the violin. She has displayed outstanding time management skills to achieve A grades in her ATAR courses in conjunction with her extensive music commitments. Rita is an enthusiastic and dedicated student, a valued contributor to her Saba lessons and an impressive role model for other SIDE students.

Endeavour Awards

are presented to students who perform to the best of their capability in their schooling. These students are recognised for their persistence and positive attitude in overcoming difficulties.

Jacinta Caldwell

Jacinta Caldwell has successfully persevered with her learning in an online environment, despite her physical obstacles. She communicates effectively using ICT and has shared her knowledge and understanding in the subjects she is studying in an online environment. She is to be congratulated on her efforts and achievements.

The Edith Cowan University Citizenship Award

is awarded to a Year 11 student who has demonstrated academic endeavour and commitment to Edith Cowan University’s core values of integrity, respect, rational enquiry and personal excellence.

Criteria: Edith Cowan was an outstanding citizen and leader in the Western Australia community in the early 1900s. The Edith Cown Year 11 Citizenship Award is a one-off award of $100 presented to students who demonstrate outstanding citizenship qualities.

Taylah Hazell

Taylah commenced studies as a Year 10 student in 2014. Over the last two years she has demonstrated commitment to her home and school communities. In Year 10 she volunteered at the local primary school, assisting in the classroom, and during Year 11 she gave time each Thursday to work at a crèche so the mothers could commit to yoga classes. Whilst studying ADWPL she worked in a variety of positions and received glowing reports regarding her dedication and attitude. Taylah is also truly valued by her family: she assists her parents with her five siblings by helping around the house and the farm. Taylah is a polite, thoughtful andconsideratestudent and a worthy recipient of the Citizenship Award.

Student Services Awards

are presented to students who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to education in a distance mode. They are recognised by the Student Services team for their organisation and participation skills in this mode of learning.

Talesha Bell

Talesha has had many challenges this year that have impacted on her schooling. Despite these challenges, she has remained focussed on her SIDE studies, has maintained regular contact with her teachers and has worked hard to keep on schedule. She is to be congratulated on her positive attitude and her determination to succeed.

Hayden Lennox

Hayden has completed his study program at SIDE while being enrolled at Halls Creek DHS. As the onlyYear 11 ATAR student at the school, Hayden has embraced SIDE’s online learning community where he has demonstrated maturity and a strong work ethic. He has taken advantage of the opportunity to travel to Perth to meet with his teachers face to face to maximise his results. Hayden is a polite, positive student who demonstrates persistence and a commitment to succeed.

Jade Plowman

Jade is to be congratulated on her Student Services award. She has demonstrated enthusiasm, excellent participation and attendance, a strong work ethic including well-developed understandings, knowledge and skills across all her courses in Year 11.Jade’s teachers have all commented that she is a highly developed independent learner who possesses qualities of self-motivation and determination to succeed. Jade has consistently achieved high standards in her overall work submissions and assessments.

Esther Williams

Esther is a hardworking student who has achieved outstanding results across the year despite doing so under challenging circumstances. Esther has consistently demonstrated a conscientious approach to her studies, a mature understanding of topics, a high level of independent research skills, and provided complete and detailed responses to all activities. Esther was constantly in communication with her teachers and made intelligent use of resources and teacher feedback to guide her. A Student Services Award is well deserved.

The Arts

Visual Arts

Media Production and Analysis


Nyika Whiting

Lauren Wroth

Career Development

Workplace Learning

Careers and Enterprise


Holly King 

Holly King



English Literature


Lauren Harbour 

Louise Miolin

Health and Physical Education

Health Studies


Damita Dixon 



Indonesian – Second Language



Rita Fernandes 

Dechen Khadro

Jonathan Baars



Mathematics Specialist


Steven Paini 

Huiwen Li


Biological Sciences



Human Biological Science



Sarah Ramm 

Myles Ikin

Katrina Bostock

Andrea Jasareno

Myles Ikin

Humanities and Social Sciences

Accounting and Finance

Business Management and Enterprise



Modern History

Politics and Law


Kavleiah Bucher

Shelby Hollings

Jake Buchanan

Max Curry

Rita Fernandez

Reuben Pemberton-Ovens

Technology and Enterprise

Applied Information Technology

Automotive Engineering and Technology

Children, Family and Community

Design – Photography

Design – Technical Graphics


Lauren Williams 

Marcus Flintoff

Chloe Lamont

Shelby Hollings

Sam Wildermuth

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