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We've made some changes behind the scenes


We're constantly striving to improve the learning experience for our students. SIDE has moved to a centrally managed operating environment called SOE4. The changes occurred during the July school holidays.

The new operating environment provides schools with increased online services and support. Schools that operate in a standard operating environment are fully supported by the Department of Education's  ICT Customer Service Centre. (Students still need to seek support through their teachers.)

SOEv4 has been developed from feedback provided to the ICT Directorate by schools and as a result there are a number of benefits, some of which include:

  • The core server is backed up to Central Office across the network with no intervention required by school staff.
  • The Administration and Curriculum networks at schools are combined to simplify network connections at schools.
  • Staff are able to work at any SOEv4 school within the same region, log in and access all their files.
  • Added functionality, management and integration of Apple computers.

Changes for students?

There should be very little impact on most students. There might be a few things that require password changes, but, generally, it's business as usual.

Students who visit SIDE might see some differences in the way they connect to our wireless network.

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