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WACE Language Course Enrolments

From 2015, it is a School Curriculum and Standards Authority requirement that all students wishing to study a WACE language course obtain permission to enrol in that course in the year prior to first enrolment in the course. Second language courses are for students who have typically learnt everything they know about a second language and its culture through classroom teaching in Australia.

Applications for permission to enrol in 2017 were due to SCSA by 25th August 2017. Information about these requirements is available on the SCSA website. SIDE is required to confirm eligibility before enrolling students in WACE language courses.

SCSA approval obtained:

If you have already obtained approval from SCSA for your child to enrol in Year 11 or 12 WACE Language course, please forward a digital copy of the SCSA letter of approval to your Student Coordinator at SIDE for our records.

We are unable to progress the enrolment without a copy of this letter.

SCSA approval yet to be obtained:

If you have not yet obtained approval from SCSA for the student to enrol in a WACE Year 11 or 12 Language Course, please ensure the application form is submitted to SCSA.

  • The application form and guidelines for completing the form may be downloaded from the SCSA website. Note: Please contact SCSA for any queries regarding the application process.
  •  The application form includes sections to be completed by the student, a parent/carer and a teacher from your school. The completed form must be signed by the principal.
  • Please indicate on the form that the student wishes to enrol with SIDE to study this language course. This will ensure that SCSA also informs SIDE of the outcome of the application.
  • Once completed, make and retain a copy of the form (scan or photocopy).
  • Forward the original copy of the application form to SCSA and send a copy of the application to your Student Coordinator at SIDE.

We are unable to progress the enrolment without a copy of the completed application.

Thank you for your cooperation in this process. We look forward to receiving a copy of either the approval letter or the completed application form as soon as possible so that we can progress this enrolment.

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