The role of a school-based SIDE Supervisor

Schools with SIDE enrolments support students undertaking SIDE study. This expectation includes having a supervisor assigned with sufficient time to fully support students. School based SIDE Supervisors are usually teachers or education assistants but may be any other other suitably qualified community member.

At the start of the year

school supervisors:

  • contact the relevant Student Coordinator to discuss student enrolments
  • explore the SIDE website
  • ensure students have purchased the required Personal Items and Resources
  • support students to understand SIDE's assessment and attendance policies
  • assist students Logging in to SIDE's e-learning applications, troubleshoot minor technical problems and refer to our website Getting Help page
  • familiarise themselves with the ICT resources required for SIDE lessons - see Fast Track To SIDE
  • assist with organising a work/study area for students
  • assist students to ensure contact has been made with all subject/course teachers and Webex times are known
  • assist students to organise daily/weekly timetable and materials etc
  • assist students to manage their course/subject calendars.

SIDE teachers and specialist staff will guide students/supervisors in connecting to and using the online technologies. However, technical support is the responsibility of the partner school.

Throughout the year

school supervisors:

  • actively supervise and support students to attend Webex lessons, effectively utilise Moodle classrooms and contact SIDE teachers regularly via phone and email
  • monitor and assist student submission of work according to course work schedules or Work Completion Calendars (available in Moodle courses)
  • implement appropriate processes when deadlines are not met by students
  • collaborate with your Student Coordinator
  • consult directly with SIDE teachers where appropriate
  • communicate with parents/guardians about student engagement in SIDE program
  • foster independent learning skills
  • monitor student progress
  • organise student visits to SIDE where appropriate
  • discuss any changes to a student’s program with your Student Coordinator
  • advise SIDE of all student subject /course changes and any changes to home contact details
  • discuss with your Student Coordinator any issues that impact on student performance.

At the end of the year

school supervisors:

  • liaise with school administration to determine SIDE enrolments for the next school year
  • visit the SIDE website for information and instructions for enrolling students for next year
  • ensure that students purchase the required Personal Items and Resources, return all kit, library resources and unused learning materials to SIDE.