Introducing the School-Based Supervisor role
School-based supervisors are assigned by schools to support SIDE students to be successful in their SIDE programs.

This is a crucial role. SIDE teachers teach the students. The school supervisor’s role is to support students by:

  1. assisting students to organise themselves to:
    • attend online lessons
    • submit work on time
    • make time each day for their SIDE studies.
  2. communicating with SIDE teachers, parents/guardians, and school administrators.
  3. encouraging and managing students during the day as they work through their timetable.
  4. supervising assessments and liaising with SIDE staff regarding their receipt and return.

The workload of the school-based supervisor will depend upon many factors including: number of students, year levels, geographical location, number of subjects/courses selected, and whether SIDE provides some or all of the student program.

The Student Coordinator is your best friend at SIDE. Maintain regular contact. They can help with SIDE related matters and put you in contact with mentor school supervisors in like schools.

SIDE is an online school. Students have regular Webex lessons and access resources and activities in Moodle. Each course has a Moodle web space that includes a Getting Started section containing essential information regarding assessments, and course delivery.

Student attendance in Webex classes, and Moodle participation is monitored and used by SIDE as attendance indicators. Classes commence promptly so students need to allow some time before the lesson commences to log in.

It is essential for students to make contact with their teachers regularly and consistently by email or phone.


Organising to be an effective SIDE supervisor
Your own organisation and communication is critical. Spend some time to save time.

Teachers and Student Coordinators communicate with students through Moodle announcements, email and phone.

Organise all of this communication in the most efficient and effective way for you.

Some suggestions

  • Check emails regularly, at least twice daily to keep up-to-date.
  • Store emails so that they can be retrieved easily. For example, in folders by student name.
  • Consider keeping a diary to note important details for each week and day, eg student due dates, information about examinations, problems with IT, etc.
  • Display student timetables indicating times for online lessons/contact.
  • Try to be available by phone. If this is difficult, contact the Student Coordinator and indicate when you are available for calls, or if email contact is best.


Getting students started with SIDE
Follow these easy steps to get students started:
  1. Confirm that students from your school have been enrolled at SIDE.
  2. New to SIDE student supervision - Read Fast Track to SIDE so you understand more about SIDE and online learning.
  3. Contact and talk to the relevant Student Coordinators about student related matters.
  4. Request a list of students and subjects they are enrolled in at SIDE.
  5. Go to the E-Learning > Troubleshoot, on the SIDE website, for ICT assistance.
  • The student has a suitable work area.
  • The student has access to suitable IT, including a headset with a microphone, to attend Webex lessons and access Moodle.
  • The student has received the Getting Started at SIDE email sent to the student's DoE email.
  • SIDE teachers have contacted students and the students have timetabled their Webex classes and other contact times.
  • The student has accessed Moodle and has created a Moodle profile with username and password. They will see their Moodle course once this is completed.
  • The student has purchased texts if required and/or that materials sent from SIDE have been dispatched from SIDE and received by the student.
  • Contact details for SIDE teachers for your students are collated so you and the student know who they are, and their phone and email contacts.
  • Students to create a composite Due Dates Calendar using the downloaded file. This will assist students with forward planning for work completion.
  • Students to complete a weekly timetable that includes Webex and time to do classwork and assessments. Your school may have a timetable that students need to adhere to for subjects taught in the school.


Keeping students connected at SIDE
Check, review and communicate with students, Student Coordinator and SIDE teachers.
  • Consider keeping a SIDE diary to record student follow up (including SIDE teacher emails).
  • Start of week – review with students work due during week, changes in due dates, any reminders, etc.
  • Check students have written due dates and important information in their school diary.
  • Encourage students to maintain contact with teachers especially when they have problems.
  • Discuss progress with student, SIDE teacher and Student Coordinator as required.
  • Identify issues that may impact on student performance and discuss these with the Student Coordinator.
  • If using a whiteboard for SIDE students, write Webex timetables or due date reminders on whiteboard.
  • The Student Coordinator can be contacted if you would like additional information about your students.
  • Communicate with parents as appropriate.
  • Monitor student participation, especially attendance at lessons.
  • Troubleshoot ICT problems and notify teachers, SIDE IT support or the Department’s IT Help Desk as required. Contact the Student Coordinator so they are aware.


Networking with others
Communicate with other supervisors, visit SIDE or look at some examples of best practice.

SIDE Student Services would like to thank the following experienced SIDE Supervisors who have agreed to support new supervisors in this role.

NameSchoolContact detailsNote
Anne Sheehan Menzies Community School MCS: (08) 9024 2049
High-school: (08) 9024 2570
Call after 2:30pm most days of the week.
NameSchoolContact detailsNote
Kellie Jackson East Kimberley College (08) 9168 4466
5 years’ experience as SIDE Supervisor at EKC.
Available for email at any time or calls preferred after 2.15pm.
Will Spark Broome Senior High School (08) 9195 3142
6 years experience as SIDE Supervisor.
Available for email or calls.
NameSchoolContact detailsNote
Christine Waring Eaton Community College (08) 9796 7062
Happy to help by phone, email or face to face meeting.
NameSchoolContact detailsNote
Caitlin Hogan Mukinbudin District High School (08) 9047 1351
Available Monday – Friday 9am–3pm via phone or email.
2 years' experience as SIDE Supervisor for Year 11 and 12 students.

Yr8 Pannawonica
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Term 4 Planner
SIDE Room Dalwallinu
Whiteboard WebEx Lessons
Yr11 Timetable Example
Yr7 Timetable Example
Term Planner in the Wyndham DHS SIDE room





School-based supervisor information booklet