Please be aware that enrolments in the Referral Program for 2023 will close on Friday, 8th September. No further enquiries for 2023 will be taken after Friday,  1nd September.

Special Circumstances Enrolments (Referral Program)

SIDE’s Referral Program provides short term support for students who have special circumstances that impact on school attendance. The program is coordinated by SIDE’s School Psychologists.

Enrolment in the Referral Program is not a long term alternative to regular schooling. Students in Years 7-10 need to be working towards re-integration to their current school or an alternative program.

Eligible students will be enrolled in the Referral Program for a trial period.

What constitutes Special Circumstances for SIDE enrolment?
  • Severe Mental Disorder
  • Medical
  • Pregnant and Parenting
How do I know if a student might be eligible?
  • If the student is genuinely unable to attend school at all (or an alternative program) for an extended period, generally three months or more, AND
  • The student is engaged in ongoing and regular counselling, specialist treatment or other appropriate intervention.

The student’s treating clinician or specialist will be consulted to assist in establishing eligibility and to determine whether the SIDE program is suitable for the student. Documentation will be requested following the consultation.

Enrolment information
  • Eligible students in Years 7-10, remain enrolled in their school while accessing SIDE’s Referral Program. SIDE works in partnership with the student’s current school. Please be aware that if the student is enrolled in a Non-Government school there are charges associated with the school partnership.
  • Students in Years 11-12 enrolling in SIDE’s Referral Program generally transfer to SIDE at the beginning of Semester 1 or 2 as a CURRENT student.
Further information

Parents, schools, clinicians and others working with students can contact SIDE for further information. Please phone SIDE on 9311 1400 to enquire about the Referral Program for a student with special circumstances.

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