Effective communication between parents, students, teachers and the Student Coordinator is essential.

Here are some frequently asked questions for Year 7-12 Parent Supervisors.

How can I find out more about teaching and learning at SIDE?

Teaching and learning at SIDE is heavily dependent upon technology. Students attend live subject lessons in Webex, and use Moodle to access course work materials and submit assessments.
  • Read Fast Track to SIDE for more detail about online learning at SIDE and support for your child’s education.
  • Contact your child’s Student Coordinator who enrols and monitors your child during their time at SIDE.
  • Be familiar with the SIDE website.

What are the ingredients for SIDE success?

You can support your child to:
  • be organised
  • be effective in their time management
  • communicate regularly with their teachers and Student Coordinator
  • ask questions
  • visit SIDE
  • stay connected, read Moodle announcements, and news and newsletter articles on the website
  • set up a suitable work area that includes:
    • required IT resources
    • phone
    • storage area for materials
    • desk, chair and general stationery
    • resources from Booklist.

Check Fast Track to SIDE for further details about IT resources.

How will my child know how and when to get started?

  • If your child is new to SIDE an email will be sent to the email address provided with Getting Started at SIDE in the subject line.
    • It is sent to the email address provided at enrolment. If this has changed contact the Student Coordinator immediately.
    • Some new students not based in a public school will be sent a second email about their password.
    • From 2021 all SIDE students will use their Department of Education email for all further communication. Remember to check the Junk Mail folder.
  • Students who are:
    • new to SIDE and commencing at the beginning of the school year will receive their start email toward the end of January.
    • new to SIDE and commencing after the beginning of the school year will receive their start email within a few days of enrolment.
    • re-enrolling at SIDE use their Department of Education username and password to access Moodle.
  • When your child logs into Moodle they will see Launchpad or Essentials. These Moodle courses provide information about studying at SIDE and starter activities. Subject courses will appear as teachers add your child to their course.
  • Teachers will contact your child by phone or email regarding Webex classes and Moodle courses.

How will my child know when Webex classes start?

Webex classes will start by Week 2 of the school year.

Teachers will provide details about Webex lesson times in their Moodle course.

Teachers will also contact your child by phone, email or Moodle announcement about commencement of Webex lessons.

How can I support my child to get started at SIDE?

  • Read Fast Track to SIDE especially the sections related to technology and getting started.
  • Check Booklist and buy stationery and textbook requirements.
  • Be involved. Email or phone the Student Coordinator and teachers rather than worry or wonder.
  • Make sure that your child’s DoE email is working.
  • Read and access support materials and resources on the SIDE website. These resources are updated regularly.
  • Help your child to set up their work / study area and a list of SIDE contacts that includes their teachers and the Student Coordinator.
  • Check that all teachers have contacted your child. If you don’t know who the teacher is, contact the Student Coordinator.
  • Print the weekly timetable and Due Dates Calendar templates.
  • Assist your child to organise and complete a weekly timetable and a semester Work Completion Calendar that includes all Webex lessons and assessment dates.
  • Read and discuss SIDE’s assessment and attendance policies with your child.
  • Check that your child has received an initial dispatch from SIDE and relevant resources from the SIDE Library Resource Centre.

How do I know who to contact at SIDE?

Telephone SIDE reception (9311 1400) as a starting point until you know your child’s teachers.

Assist your child to make a list of all class teachers so you have a contact list that you both can use.

Contact the Student Coordinator if in any doubt.

Can I contact my child’s teachers?

Yes! SIDE welcomes your contact. If you do not have email addresses or phone numbers, contact SIDE Reception on 9311 1400 and ask to be transferred to the teacher.

Who do I contact if my child has a problem?

Use email and phone to communicate with teachers and the Student Coordinator.

When should I contact the Student Coordinator?

Student Coordinators enrol and monitor your child’s progress at SIDE. They should be contacted if:
  • you have any concerns about your child
  • contact details are changing
  • you anticipate any planned absences
  • there are unplanned absences
  • there are any changes in your child’s life that may impact upon their schooling
  • you have any questions.

How can I monitor my child’s progress during the year?

  • Parent Connect is an excellent resource for parents. It provides access to information about your child’s education, including, but not limited to:
    • your child’s classes
    • assessment results for secondary subjects
    • Interim and Semester Reports.
  • Familiarise yourself with Parent Connect as it provides communication to parents about the school.
  • Contact the Student Coordinator for a summary of progress in all subjects, if required.
  • Be familiar with the Attendance policy and respond to teacher emails or letters of concern.
  • Contact your child’s teachers to discuss progress.
  • Use the Due Dates Calendar to monitor that your child is submitting work to teachers via Moodle.

What happens at the end of the year?

  • If your child is continuing at SIDE:
    • Complete the re-enrolment forms for your child or inform the Student Coordinator if your child is transferring to another school.
    • Purchase the Booklist items for subjects and courses for the following year.
  • Return all kit, library resources and unused learning materials to SIDE.

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